Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Enough Already ! ! ! !

Can I stop beating my head on the wall now?

Last left you with Friday's snow storm.

Managed to get that one cleared out Saturday morning. And the day turned sunny and cold.
The view from the back corner of the property to the back of the barn.
 And on to Maple St.

The respite lasted only 3 days, just long enough to come down with the flu, chicken, swine, who knows? hacking , coughing , sneezing , snot , fever, throbbing head and all that fun.
By Wednesday morning we had another 10 inches.
Looking out the kitchen window at 7 am
Two hours work gets the deck, driveway and a bit of the patio cleared
Ever tried chewing through a 5 foot high hard packed snow bank with a 24 inch snow blower?
Road plow came by and winged over some of the banks, So I had to clear the driveway entrance again.
Two more hours to rake both roofs, clear the deck again, clear the patio
Clear the paths through a 4 foot snow bank so that the oil delivery and electric meter reader can get in.
Even Domino is tired of it, he said his willie freezes in the snow
By 3 pm, it stars all over again.

Hmmmm I wonder what Tom would charge for a 6 week stay at his Fat Hippo resort.


  1. Tienes que ver el lado positivo: No negarás que los paisajes nevados son muy bonitos...

    1. Only if you are a masochist. The difference in perception is the illusion of a photograph versus the reality of your aching broken body.

  2. We have a rule regarding allowing sniffling whining bastards to stay, they tend to demoralise the other guests.

    I spent all day shovelling rubbish onto a truck and off again at the tip. I did that three times, you'd have enjoyed that.

    Your truck hasn't moved. Since you are taking photos every five minutes, clearly you aren't going anywhere either, so why the anal shovelling? I agree with Sr Anónimo, look at the bright side and admire your snow covered pathways and garden. Don't forget, in a few months you'll be cursing your lawn mower and come Autumn, your leaf blower...

    1. You must have missed the tire tracks in the snow eh? probably moved a dozen times since last Friday.
      If we don't clear the snow it eventually gets deep enough that you can't remove it at all. And then there is the small mater of going to work, and grocery shopping. Need to clear the roof or the roof collapses as happened today on a couple garages and a barn full of cows. Mowing the lawn takes about an hour and a half on my rider and I can wear shorts and drink a beer while I am doing it. . . . . because it has a beer holder. And the leaf clean up also gets done with the rider and the leaf bagger attachment.

  3. Why clear the snow from the roof? Surely it's a good insulator!

    1. Cro: The snow has to be cleared from the for for several reasons . Mainly weight . The barn is only 12 years old , but house was built in 1937 and does not meet modern day structural codes . The roof rafters are only 2" x 6" spanning about 18 feet and only 2 feet on center . As I mentioned to Tom we have had several roof collapses in the last week. Just yesterday a barn full of cows were crushed when the roof collapsed on them. Many died on the spot and many had to be euthanized. And couple of relatively new garages near by collapsed because owners neglected to clear the roof. Our highly variable weather is the issue. Maine is really the sewer system for all the weather in north America . Everything winds up coming thought here, cold from the Canadian north west drags gulf of Mexico moisture up this way and makes for a brutal combination funneled between the cold Atlantic and the gulf of St Laurence . One day we might have 30 degrees bellow zero C and get a foot of fine powdery snow. The next day a couple of degrees just above zero and we get sleet and rain that saturates the light snow like a sponge and suddenly it all becomes to much for the roof to hold. We have been getting some for of precipitation almost every 3rd day. Usually 10 to 12 inches of snow. Yesterday I just got done clearing the previous nights storm when it started snowing again. This morning I just got done clearing last night' storm and more is promised for Friday night. If you don't keep ahead of it you are doomed. I have shoveled mortar that is lighter. If you leave it be the stuff sets like concrete . Additionally because the roof is poorly insulated the snow in contact with the roof in the middle melts , the water runs to the cold eves where it freezes and causes 8 or 10 inch high ice dams that catch even more snow and ice. And though I did put a layer of bituminous rubber, (Bituthane / Ice and water shield) down before I reshingled the roof. It is best to prevent problems.
      I did rebuild most of the house 4 years ago but the structure of the roof remains original.
      Before and after pictures at the bottom of this post.