Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pork ribs and onion succotash

One big white onion, a large tomato and three large "southern style" pork ribs
Chop up the tomato and the onion, toss it all in a bowl with olive oil salt and pepper and a good bit of marjoram.
Toss the mix in a large pan, dust the ribs with Adobo and lay them over onions and tomato.
Pop them in the oven for 2 hours at 325 deg F. flip them over half way through.
Serve with yesterday's refried leftover noddles and enjoy


  1. Looks delish! Will try it as soon as I have power again (oven runs on electrickery). I like the plates.

    What's adobo? They make houses out of a similarly named product here.

    1. Ha Ha, that be Adob-E, and would include amongst its ingredients animal dung. Definitely not fit for human consumption. Adob-O on the other hand is a traditional Latin American seasoning consisting of salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, cumin and a few other goodies. Given that quite a few Cubans spent time in Angola, and I am sure there are still a bunch hanging about today, I would bet it is available somewhere in Luanda. Next time Marcia is on one of her shopping trips to the capital have her look for it. Here we get it under the Goya brand name which is the big purveyor of all thing for Hispanic cooking.