Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring, could it really be?

Reticule Irises seem to think it is
Both varieties
In the last 12 days we have gone from this nasty mess
To this
The back lawn is almost all bare and the grass has just started to make some green again
Except for one patch
A Red-Bellied Woodpecker even showed up . . . three of them actually
Which is a bit surprising
As according to the book Maine is beyond its northern boundaries.
Mr Chipmunk even came out of hibernation
And Mr Cardinal paid us a visit as well
We even had our first outdoor grilling for the season
And a fresh loaf of bread for breakfast on Easter Sunday


  1. Beautiful flowers, but not crocus. They are reticule iris, an early iris.
    Your bread makes me so hungry - nothing like it,is there?

  2. Al Gore is right......five months out of every year. 😊

    1. Just when you thought some of bubba's Gore's BS was kicking in we got dumped on with 3 inches of wet sloppy snow. It don't look nearly as nice anymore.

  3. Hi Mike, I know you are happy, lol. Spring is here also but, not like yours. The flowers look real nice, love the birds except the Woodpeckers, with all the trees around me, they pick my cabin to peck on. Oh well, such is life. Happy Spring

    1. Must have grubs eating holes in your cabin then John. It hit 40 deg F here today and yesterday's 3 inches of snow is mostly gone, except the snow plow pushed all the road sand I had just blown of my lawn back on it.

  4. It's time Spring started breaking out up there. I was beginning to think Maine was the land of "Always winter, but never Christmas."

    1. Hey Harry the snow is all gone now, happened in about 2 weeks time. It went quick, it just took a couple weeks with just above freezing temps and no snow fall. Grass is getting green, daffodils bloomed yesterday and the tulips in my front beds are about 6 inches tall. I imagine they will be blooming some time in the next week or two. It is still chilly around 45 degrees and a cool breeze. They are forecasting rain for this coming week so that will help turn the tide and really gets things blooming. Manged to blow five wheelbarrows full of road sand from 150 feet of lawn just in time before the rain washes it in to the lawn.