Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mt View Fly-In

The first proper fly-in for us this year. We had never attended this one though it has been going on for 12 years. And the Fawcetts certainly do put on a fine family event at their Mt View hill top runway in Wolfsboro New Hampshire. Saturday it was attended by about 60 aircraft as well as drive in shleps like us. Spot landing and flour bombing contest were held for the grown ups, a candy drop for the kids and pot luck lunch for every one in attendance. As usual lots of fun aircraft to drool over.

My all time favorite the Wittman Tailwind
It looks fast just sitting there.
The front office a bit of a tight squeeze.
It even looks fast from behind
And the ultimate dream home with a giant hangar to keep a plane in next to a lush green runway
A home built Rans S-6 on amphibious floats stopped in for a spell
The Highlander at the top end of the row
A factory built RV-12 LSA
A classic Piper J-5
The flight-line further down the runway
plenty of parking for all
More on the far side
a 1940s vintage Globe Swift
with a classic panel
The newer Temco Swift with the sliding canopy
With a much more updated panel
A 1948 MG
An equally old and perfectly refurbished Stinson 108 two seater
A 50s vintage Russian Yak, the classic soviet block trainer, with its Bulgarian pilot stopped in for a visit
An ultralight also visited
The far side of the runway with home-built Bearhawk and RV-4 along side a Cub and a Champ
a gaggle of . . . .
four Sea-Reys . . .
amphibians stopped in
Bob Pustel takes off for the flour bombing contest  in his Stinson 108-2
The Russian Yak heads for the end of the runway
The owner of the nice house arrived in his Cessna 206 on amphibious floats
An Aeronca Champion departs
A Bell 47 stopped in as well.
A Piper Twin departs.
The Wittman Tailwind takes off
And gives us a fly by.

All in all a great event. And at the end of the day everyone pitched in to help clear tables and tents.


  1. Replies
    1. Actually as it was parked around the backside of a barn it did not get much attention at all. They should have brought it around and parked it among the airplanes.

  2. That looks like a metric ton of fun! I used to love watching the spay planes work around my grandparents' farm. Those guys had talent.

    1. Hey Mark, yes it was a great chance to get away from the daily grind and socialize with some like minded airplane fools. Your kids would have loved it as well. The WACO biplane we got a ride in last year was giving rides and every kid there got one. There are few more of these event coming up in the near future. But this one had a great family feel to it as it was put on by the family that owns the place. The pot luck lunch was fabulous.

  3. I have a photo album around here with pictures I took at a fly in down around Tampa in 1977. Same type of atmosphere, and a lot of the same variants of aircraft, although I don't remember a Yak being there!

    1. Hey Harry, it usually is the same cast of characters that show up at these events and after a while you get to know who is who. Every year there is a couple of new home-builts which I find most interesting. The Tailwind is an old design from the 50s but there are very few about and I had never seen one in the flesh. The Yak is a fairly recent import. Within the last two decades. Previous to that they were mostly locked up behind the iron curtain.