Thursday, June 1, 2017

Steel target gong version two

So my first attempt at a steel gong target worked nicely but could use some improvements .
The main issue was that the bolts that held the chains to the frame would come off the frame as it would flex when hit . A more solid arrangement was in order .
So after a bit of cogitating and some scrounging through my bucket of scrap steel I found some short lengths of inch and a half diameter pipe and came up with this solution .
The base plate I will screw to the dead tree at our range . The steel plates are free to swing and deflect the bullet down . The smaller one on the far right was something that was already made and just needed some trimming to fit . It is made out of stainless steel but since it is thinner we'll probably just use that for 22s .
Here you see a few hits on the previous frame that the plate was hanging from. It did not take much to distort it and the bolts came out .


  1. You're pretty good at putting things together. You ought to try to invent something and sell it. I don't have any particular ideas, but something that people could use, but isn't easy to find or is too expensive when you do.

    1. You are not the first to say that. LOL... Trouble is I am not that good at inventing stuff. I can make things , and even improve on them. Most of my projects are just making it up as I go along. But as they say "Nil nuovo sub sole", or in American; There is nothing new under the sun. There were far smarter folks long before me that invented it all already. Today we are just repeating what they have done. I once had an idea about a mechanical device to do CPR chest compressions, but looking in to it I found someone had already come up with the idea, patented it and was making them. We did try out the targets today and they worked well and did not break. So I think I hit upon a winner.