Monday, September 9, 2019

Mount Washington Valey Classic Car Show

As we had all our chores done , late on Sunday morning , spur of the moment , we decided to make the sixty mile run to the car show in North Conway New Hampshire .
We got there at about half past noon , a bit late for the car judging , and burgers were eight dollars a piece , but there were some interesting cars to see .
We parked across from this 1947 Pontiac Streamliner on a Montecarlo chassis . In styling it quite resembled our Volvo , only about half again as big .
My favorite of the show had to be this totally home built rig emulating a 1920s racer
Tight fit for two , but so stylish
Fuel tank on the back
Primitive suspension dampeners consisting of layers of silicone rubber washers squished between the hinge point of the scissor looking device .
A six cylinder inline out of an 1970's Chevrolet pickup fed by twin carbs on a home made box manifold .
A real elegant Ford model A
With a Goose ? Quail ? as a hood ornament on the radiator cap
I just love those subtle colors
A sweet looking panel on a 57 Chevy Bel Air convertible
With a unique accessory  . . . bonus points for anyone who can tell me what its purpose is
A monster blower on a very loapy running engine
Powering some 24 inch wide tires on a road legal (God only knows how) Chevrolet Chevelle
VW's were represented too , this a 25 K mile pristine Thing
Perhaps most curious of all was a water cooled 1800 cc inline 4 cylinder VW engine as normally seen in a VW Rabbit . . .
. . . . stuffed into a custom built VW Single Cab .
Yes , custom cause it started life as a a regular van in Mexico
Where, I was told by Juan Avina the owner , they were produced with the water cooled engine .
A tiny MG Midget racer
With equally tiny HS-4 Skinner Union carbs
Sat next to a Lotus Seven
With a throaty 40 mm Webber side draft that I am told originally lived on the Midget .

Took a lot of photos but I'll keep it short this time with the ones that I found most interesting , more coming up next weekend after the Owls Head gathering .


  1. Replies
    1. Quail it is then . I figured you of all people would know what the device on the dashboard of the Bel-Aire was for . I'd never seen one before .

  2. New cars just aren't fun anymore.

    1. I can imagine some must be appealing to someone as they do pay big money for them, but I have yet found any that attracts my attention. I get great satisfaction driving my BMW , it is a true performance machine . I love the utility and convenience of the van. And the Volvo is fun as it is so bare bones simple , and there is nothing that purrs quite as nice as a pushrod engine.

  3. Isn’t that device on the dash used for observing a traffic signal light? Especially when you had a visor that extended out at the top of the windshield, or a sun shade down and obstructing your view of the traffic light.

    1. You are exactly right, a periscope of sorts. I had never seen one before and was surprised to learn what it was myself.