Sunday, July 17, 2022

Put on some gloves they said . . .

It will be safer that way they said . . .

Got mostly done cleaning the rust out of the old Volvo ashtray when I thought ; hmmmm ! I really ought to be wearing gloves . So I put the drill down , walked into the garage and put some gloves on . Not a minute later the wire wheel bounced and bit me . It ate the nylon on that glove and just kept going til it hit raw meat in a couple spots .

And that's after washing it out with a quart of hydrogen peroxide . Burned good for about 48 hours .


  1. My dad lost some finger tips from wearing gloves while using the table saw, gloves and rotating devices are not mutual friends and your flesh gets in the middle of it...

    1. I like those those rubber palm nylon gloves cause you can feel what the heck you are doing but have some measure skin/wear protection. But it is the second time those things get me. The wire wheel just bit into it and gobbled it up in a flash. I could not get it to stop spinning quick enough. And those brush-less motor drills are torquie as heck too so they take a while to spool down.
      The first time was a few years back when the chop-saw blade snagged the nylon on the glove and I stopped it with with my left index finger.