Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter wildlife

It has warmed to a balmy 18 deg F (7 C below zero). Most birds have the sense to fly south for the winter. Not so apparently with the doves.
But at least they finally seemed to discover their new coop/feeder.
Currently still in its experimental stage and I will make a more permanent arrangement if they actually continue to use it. When I first put it up they did not even notice it and did not go to it despite the bird seed I put in it. I had to take it down and set it at ground level to get them used to it. Then gradually raise it higher, thus the blocks and milk crates.


  1. What a coincidence! As we were working on completing Stalag Luft III yesterday, Dominic asked me how to make nesting boxes and attract birds. I would really like a dovecote but am not sure how to get the birds or keep them there once I find them.

    1. I am not sure they will ever use it as a nesting box as the doves are way to skittish and spook at the most minor sound or movement on the street or as we enter and exit the back door of the house. They seem to prefer roosting on the electric power lines even in the most adverse weather. My purpose in building the coop was to not waste so much birdseed in the snow because up to now I have been feeding them on the cement pad patio as they seem most happy feeding at ground level. But in a snow storm it is quickly covered an unavailable to them. I buy a 20 lb bag at 12 U$ every 2 weeks or sooner if the squirrels get to it. And as it was on the ground the squirrels discovered easy access to the birdseed and clear it out in no time flat. I have had as many as twelve squirrels at one time having a feast. I did find a cheaper source of deer corn for the squirrels so I am conditioning them to feed under the pine tree in the yard instead.
      If you have birds around it is just a mater of finding out what they eat and provide it for them, and they will come around. Most of ours here are seed eaters. This time of the year it is limited to the Doves and the little snowbirds. We do see the occasional Chickadee and Cardinal as well. Though we did discover that Blue Jays seem to like dog food kibbles.