Thursday, April 3, 2014

Signs of Spring ???

Could it really be?
Just below the kitchen window where the sun hits the hardest a couple of Crocuses have bloomed.
And on the front of the house a few Tulips and some greenery starting to poke through the soil
Que up Alfred Hitchcock

The raiding party assembles
and comes in for the attack
Cleaning up the bird feeder in no time flat
a sketchy crowd they are
They are gone as quick as they arrived.

Meanwhile in the basement  . . .

After 24 hours of rain on Sunday, the basement sump is now filling up quickly.
 That's 25 gallons of ground water every 5 minutes
And it gets worse than that. Usually at the height of it, it takes less than 60 seconds to fill the 25 gallon capacity sump entirely. I have 2 staged pump so that if the first fails the second will kick in with only a half inch rise beyond what sets off the first one.


  1. Sigh! Half meter of snow on the ground around the house here yet. Tonnes of snow in the woods.

    1. Keep your chin up Dan, warm weather is coming your way soon. I take it you got hit hard last week. We Just missed it by about 3 miles. It hit 45 deg F today. I was down to my shirt sleeves for a bit there.

  2. You had best stock up on suntan lotion, there's bound to be a run on it in the shops soon.

    1. Not to worry Tom, it is yet far from warm enough to expose any significant amount of skin. But yes SPF 50 is standard around here. The oblique angle of the sun in these northern climes does make for an unusual amount of UV and consequent cases of skin cancer. In years past I have already had several patches of melanoma removed as a result of my overzealous attempts at making a toned hide early in the season while hammering nails outside.