Monday, June 28, 2021

35th Annual Rod & Kustom Kruisers Rod Run in Fryeburg

 Saturday we made the forty mile run up to the Fryeburg fair grounds in the old Volvo.

  A relaxed affair with a bunch of custom rods camping out for a few days at the fair grounds.

My favorite of the show .

I really could not identify what it was

The running gear and engine are from a late model Chevrolet pickup .

It has a electric-hydraulic operated dump bed too .

The lines and proportions were all wrong for anything I was familiar with .

Until I queried the builder and he pointed at the badge I had previously dismissed . The cab, hood and fenders are from a Buffalo fire truck . A custom coach builder that built fire trucks similar to American-LeFrance . All the panels are hand made on an English wheel and no two are exactly alike .

 Right next door was this guy up form Massachusetts with his 1915 Ford T rod

I'd never quite appreciated the high windows on the early Ts . Makes it all look a bit like a funeral car .

He was towing this little teardrop camper rig

The thing even had an small house air-conditioner built into the roof .

We had  parked among the trucks , that's us on the right margin of the photo

There were all manner of custom jobs

Even a T-bird rat rig with a blow up doll as a passenger .

A Home made camper rig on a Chevy flat bed

And an old Ford towing a tiny home trailer made up to look like a railroad car

I think we were the only non-hot-rod there . Spent a couple hours looking at the cars and chatting with the builders and were back home by three pm .


  1. I like those kinds of car shows! Cool rigs and I was even stumped by that pick up, kinda had some lines from a Studebaker PU but not fully kosher. I liked that Ford COE, I would put a 11 foot slide in Camper on that.

    1. Yea the local boys can do some interesting builds. Some of it can be a bit ratty , but some are really well done. The Buffalo caught my eye right away as there was obviously some serious thought and effort put into it. A first I also thought it might be a Studebaker , but it didn't quite jive. Talking with the builder you really get his sense of accomplishment in what he set out to do and has achieved. Its nice to be able to get together with like minded folks again . No lemmings in that crowd.