Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hodgman's Frozen custard Cruise-in

 Last Sunday we managed to make the first car event of the year up at Hodgman's Frozen Custard in New Gloucester .

A red PV544 . . . No Quasimodo did not get a new paint job , but after seeing this one I am sorely tempted . This one now in the inevitably temporary custody of one of dad's old friends the legendary Knucklebuster Allen Wheeler out of Leeds Maine and the organizer of this event .

 Sadly only three Volvos were present , two of Allan's and ours . Oh well ! At least one small creature found our Volvo of interest .

 Others got far more attention

Fun !

Check out that air intake . . . an old Gerry can

Seats were non-existent . . . you ride on the floor-boards . Note the air gauges to control the suspension airbags .

 Another interesting rat-rod

As I forgot to bring the camera all you get is a few cell-phone shots . It was a nice day and best of all not a wretched face diaper in sight .


  1. Nice car show M! I think you need that low slung green monster, it would do wonders for your back... I like those old Volvos, ex wife had a '67 (240?) Station wagon with the 4 banger and I put on a dual Weber set and a split exhaust an old boyfriend had got her then ending up trying to ride his motorcycle through a large maple tree down the street after having one beer too many. It would move and was a small driving car.

    1. It was nice to get out and have a normal event with no face diapers. It was a decent turnout as folks were itching to get out. Hoping to make another event this weekend.
      If it was a 67 that Volvo of hers likely was a 140 series. The first of the boxy ones.

  2. Replies
    1. Yea, it was nice to see things getting back to normal again.