Wednesday, June 30, 2021

First Southern Maine Antique Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet

 It was a double event weekend . After Saturday's car event in Fryeburg , on Sunday we made our way to the Hiram fair grounds for an antique motorcycle event .

Turns out the event was organized among others by Joe Kendall and Ron Lockwood , fellow Volvo Club of Maine guys . As expected , there were some "sights to behold" . The good , the bad , and the ugly . How do I put this politely ?  . . .  the full breadth of  "specimens" was on display . And believe me there is some disturbing stuff lurking in the backwoods of Maine associated with the motorbike world . Truly frightening sights , so its best to make a concentrated effort to focus on the purely mechanical .

A 1910 Excelsior

. . . with a whooping 3 & 1/2 HP

And a Harley of similar vintage

And a Harley Davidson Topper . . . go figure I never knew they had made such a thing .

A pair of restored Harleys from the 1930s

A 1973? BMW R-75-5 toaster is more my style .

Ron Lockwood's impeccable Norton Commando 750 .

And a 1972 Norton  .

A 1970? Honda CL360

A 1960s Honda Dream

Mike Evringham's impeccably restored 1965 Honda CB77 , this gem was better than new .

As well as his equally immaculate refurbished 1968? Yamaha .

One fellow had a bunch of Minibikes among them a 1972 80cc Rupp , one of the last ever made.

Meanwhile at the other end of the fairgrounds . . .


. . .  the local boys were making some noise of their own in the sand pit . . .


So we had to check that out too .
For those of you on an Iphone the video does not show embedded in the page so go to this link

funny buggies

and sand rails

All good fun

And if you have toys you need a toy hauler of course .


  1. A bunch of pretty bikes! Never knew HD built scooters, well what ever puts beans on the table. I miss my Honda 450, it was big enough to take on medium trips and big enough to keep up with freeway traffic. It wasn't a large bike, but it felt solid under neath me, a two cylinder engine so it was economical on gas.

    1. Those two cylinder Honda engines were rock solid. I'd like to find something in that range. Trouble is they are getting stupid money for those old Hondas these days. The recent production Yamaha SR400 single cylinder thumper seems appealing. Same classic clean lines as the old SR500 from the 70s and 80s with no transformer plastics. Though if I could find one of those toaster tank BMWs for reasonable money I wouldn't complain.

  2. I had a Honda 360T… my first street bike. It just ran and ran and ran…

    1. Those CB twins were great bikes. Today even the junkers sell for a mint. Mine was a 74 Bultaco 350 Sherpa T.

  3. Nice bikes. I never knew sand racing was a thing, my horizons are broadened. Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Yes, it was new to me too, but as you well know anywhere in the world you give a couple mechanically inclined guys any sort of machine and they are bound to wrench on it to see how much faster they can make it go. Its a good thing they can do it there I suppose , keeps them from tearing up the local roads .

  4. OK, apparently Google Blogger and You-Tube are not playing nice, so the embedded video does not show if you are browsing on an I-Phone. I added he URL to the video of the sand drags so it should work now.

  5. on try this.....