Monday, July 12, 2021

Wheels and Wings Weekend

 Saturday we had the annual Volvo's By the Sea meet at Mike Mack's place here in town .

As its only a six mile run from my house and lobster rolls were on the menu that was not to be missed.

 Everyone was happy to see another PV belonging to a new member that just joined the club

Plenty of the newer swedes as well

Then on Sunday we had the Spurwink farm Fly-In .

As Marty was fogged in over in Ossipee New Hampshire , he rode his new Motoguzzi over here . . .

. . . and we made the ten minute run to Phineas Sprague's place in my Volvo .

A sweet butterscotch colored Ford Woody wagon among others kept us company

All kind of neat cars come out of the barn on sunny days

A sweet looking Ford A pickup

And classic airplanes too . This one formerly Kermit Weeks's Beech Stagger-wing that Donnie Mains got in trade for the replica Gee-Bee he built .

 A restored Stinson 108-3 from the 1940s

A nicely redone Cessna 140

A Rotax powered all composite Petrel amphibian

14K $ will buy you a Sky Ranger

A couple Sonex kit builts

Departure time after the pancake breakfast

For those of you on mobile devices the embedded video wont show so hit the link below


  1. Almost has me convinced to go buy an old (140?) Volvo station wagon and come join you at these meets. I enjoy old car and plane meets where the cars/planes/trucks/tractors are restored to their vintage factory specs. Too many good old cars are ruined as far as I am concern making hot rods and showy cars out of them.

  2. The mustard colored 140 in the third photo from the top belongs to the VCOA club president and you could eat off the engine . Dad had a junker 140 he got out of a wrecking yard . He pulled the automatic transmission and put in the M40 that came out of the PV when he replaced that for the M41 with the overdrive . I'm only an accidental custodian of the PV as I inherited it when dad passed in 2017. It has been good making a new circle friends . A lot of them knew dad and the car so in a way his legacy lives on . He wasn't always easy to please but I think he'd be happy to know I was involved with this crowd .

  3. You yanks get the best Fly In’s.

    Gawd I wish I had the money and time…

    1. If you have the time you don't have the money and vice versa. This little event is put on by the local chapter of Experimental Aircraft Association. Its a fund raiser for the chapter. They put on a big pancake breakfast feed and its open to the public. Don't know what the official head count was, but I'm guessing there must have been at least four hundred mouths there if not more. Probably 100 aircraft. The venue is Phineas Sprague's farm and its open to the public. In years past we've even had a few of yous canukestanians with their ultralights down from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.