Sunday, January 27, 2013

Engine heads rebuilt

Saturday we drove over to Freedom, New Hampshire to collect the rebuilt heads for the truck.
Its a superb job Marty's friend Mike Kondrat did on them. Found one burned exhaust valve which needed replacing. He reground and reseated all valves, decked the heads level, and ground all valve stems to length and adjusted for proper gaping so the heads are ready to go on just like that. Hopefully I don't have to remove the the cams to get the upper head-bolts in when I reassemble the engine.
In the afternoon went over to the maintenance hangar at KPWM and washed the Bonanza with Clint.
Met Tom White, Gulfstream G3 corporate pilot and the owner of the RV8 parked behind the Bonanza. Perhaps some time I can score a ride in that rocketship.
and poked around a nice new Cirrus Sr22 down for maintenance in the hangar.

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