Friday, January 18, 2013

Kitchen remodel part 2

Got the rest of the cabinets in early this week.
Rushing things as the tile guy was chomping at the bit to get in.
Not my choice of style but the customer gets what the customer wants.
As Kev aptly pointed out they always forget to sent a part, or in this case the "designer" at the big box store forgot to call for a panel for the far right of the fridge enclosure. What we should have had is an other panel just like the one on the left side of the fridge enclosure and then the tall pantry cabinet. Would also have made the install a lot easier. As it is we are rushing things and cant wait 3 more weeks for the panel to arrive, so the back of the pantry cabinet has to make due. This then leaves a small 3 inch piece of the unfinished back edge of the pantry cabinet exposed above the fridge. We will have to sort out how to hide than one later on.
Granite counters to be installed on Monday. Toe kick dressing and crown moldings go in later on.


  1. I never like to be the one that says I told you so! Looks like you've done a smart job though, I'm just sorry to hear that kitchen companies are just as useless your side of the pond as ours! Nice work

    1. In this case the missing part was just not called for by the "designer" she simply forgot to show it on the drawings, so the boys at the mill did not pull the part for the kit they shipped. The customer purchased the set directly from Lowes, one of two DIY big box stores we have here. Their "kitchen dept" did the original design. Of course when we pointed out the missing part they only complained that we should have let them do the instal as well. All that after the customer spent close to 20K $ on cabinets, flooring and appliances from them.

    2. Can't believe that their reply was to use their own installers! Over here B and Q is the big DIY store, just search for B and Q kitchen installation complaints. The list goes on and on!

    3. I was fortunate in that the customers father who is overseeing the job got to face of with the vendor about this issue. But they certainly come across as greedy after they already got a very substantial sum from the customer. I think if it had been me I would have pointed out that fact to the "designer with the attitude" and pushed her to get us the missing part even if we would not use it.