Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Handrail work

Tuesday after plugging all the screw holes in the treads I got to the top of the stairs only to find the last rise to the upstairs floor was 1/4 inch more than acceptable so I wasted half a day on a re-do of the last 3 top treads in an attempt to spread the difference between several steps. Today,  I finally got to the fiddly bits of the knee wall cap, skirt trim and the handrail.
handrail is fixed in place and the balusters are only bottom cut
the view form the top
Granite counter tops and appliances went in on Monday
nice undermount sink


  1. Te ha quedado muy bonito,dan ganas de subir y bajar.

  2. The way your doing the balistrades seems to be a different moethd from what we do. It's good to see a different approach might speed me up at some point!

    1. Each situation is different. Typically I would make the side with the knee wall open ended with finished sides on the treads and the balusters would go directly on the treads. In this case the client opted to preserve the knee-wall which I had to rebuild as it was quite floppy, so here the The bottoms of the balusters are cut on a bevel to match the top plate on the knee-wall and they are held in place by a couple of toe-nails. The top rail got drilled to fit the tops. A 4 penny nail pins the top of each in the hole to keep it all from spinning.