Sunday, July 27, 2014

A couple of windows and a closet

A small project this week.
Installed a couple nicer quality Marvin replacement windows in an rental unit for a good customer.
Adds a touch of class to an otherwise drab rental.
And in another room a likely alcove.
Framed up for a closet.
Dry-walled and mudded.
Door installed
and trimmed out
My shop for the week kept me from traipsing up and down two flights of stairs in 95 degree F and 85 % humidity weather too often .


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Brian: Customer was happy, he is a 5 or 6 time repeat by now. But it is hard to do much damage in these walk up student rentals as they tend to get quite the abuse with folks moving in and out every year. Just about anything you do is a major improvement. I have built couple of kitchens for him and done a bunch of other projects on this and another rental he owns. His check is always good, he does not have unreasonable requests and is open to my suggestions, so it is fairly easy to make him happy and that is 90% the battle. A big deck/stair project is scheduled for that unit this fall.

  2. A good regular customer is worth their weight in gold. I'm building up a good book of "regulars" who work around my odd hours. Adding a closet like that is something I've done loads of times now, but over here I'd have to get a plasterer in to skim it as not much is just taped and jointed over here. Look like you did a good job and you're the same as me - Pick a room - set up and keep all the cutting in there!

    1. Hi Kev: This one is one of my favorite customers. Over here we hardly ever do true plaster anymore. Especially on a rental unit like this one. Everything is sheet-rock, tape and mud. On this project I did it all myself as it is simply to much trouble to get a drywall guy in for such a small job. My results are OK, though I am not nearly French enough, nor do I drink enough to do true top notch mudding work. Around here the good ones are all Quebecois, drink like fishes and listen to heavy metal rock as loud as they can make it. I did use what we call Durabond joint compound (the white and blue bag next to the stove in the kitchen). It is a fast set plaster you mix up yourself and dries in 90 minutes as opposed to the ready mixed joint compound that takes 3 days to dry so yo can sand it. Overall I am pleased with the results and so was the customer.

    2. I love the phrase mudding! we call it tape and jointing but that sounds so boring compared to yours! Maybe I could make it catch on over here?

  3. Lindos trabajitos