Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tomato Cankers, Hornworms and Green Aphids

Sad state of affairs in the veggie department.
Figured out why the Early Girl tomatoes were ripening before maturing. Question is how do we prevent the cankers? Any one have a remedy?
Hornworms have invaded my tomato plants as well
Picked eighteen of them off the plants today. They are only half inch long but will grow to 3 inches and as fat as your finger in a couple of weeks time devastating the plants.
Tiny green aphids have invaded my lettuce, thousands of them.
They look like tiny green fruit flies only a millimeter or two long.
Did get a volunteer tomato plant that sprouted in next to my burn pile out behind the barn. I transplanted it to a flower pot. I suppose we will see what variety it is.
Patio and sun Gold tomatoes seem to be doing OK despite the caterpillar infestation.
and seem to bearing fruit
Red and Yellow bell peppers, and Marjoram doing OK though the red pepper seems somewhat stunted.
Deck flowers seem happy


  1. i think you need calcium in your tomato dirt. grind up egg shells and add them and some epsom salts too. my hornworms can eat your with their hands tied behind their backs. mine were 4 inches long and as fat as a cigar. my peppers suck and i am just getting my first okra. lots of tomatoes though.

    1. Thank Jaz, I'll try that. Is there anything other than that one can do to prevent the cankers? seem the tomatoes are moldy on those spots. But that may have happened after the cankers developed.

    2. OK according to http://tennesseetomtomatoes.com/tomatodisease.html what I have is "tomato blossom end rot" and it claims in addition to lack of calcium it can be caused by irregular watering. I do give about 3/4 of a gallon of water twice a day, I do hit them with Miracle Grow about every other week (1 table spoon in 2 gallons of water) So perhaps I will try a bit of calcium supplement.

  2. Que lástima! Pero debes ver la parte positiva: Deja que los gusanos engorden, son casi todo proteínas y alimentados con un vegetal -cuestión de cambiar ensalada de tomates por gusanos fritos.

  3. It looks like blossom end rot that can be caused by irregular watering or the pots not being able to hold enough water between waterings (if that makes sense). i used buckets this year (tax deductible) so they can hold plenty of water and it seems to be working so far.

    1. He Kev, not sure what it could be, they get an awful lot of sun on the deck with the reflection from white wall of he garage. On several occasions I came home to find them a bit wilted despite having given them lots of water in the morning. So It could be that. I did hit them with a solution of lime juts in case they needed calcium and magnesium as per this guys recommendation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0febDi7iak
      I did just rearrange my woodshed and glassed the one exposed side so that I can use it as a bit of a greenhouse and perhaps they will be a bit more protected in there. Will put some photos up soon.