Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Flowers

This week's offerings

Veggies are also doing well
Squash, both Acorn and Yellow making their way up the wire trellis
 Pear trees are bearing fruit
They may stand a chance if the bugs and weather don't get them first.
I think I counted a total of 18 on one tree.
Tomatoes "Early Girl" variety are about inch and a half across.
And they are starting to turn red
Not sure whats up with that, as they are not nearly big enough and previous Early Girls I've had are a solid 2&1/2 inches across or more.
It is quite a large plant. The old shower curtain goes over it when heavy thunderstorms threaten to pummel it.
Lettuce seems happy in the mud room.
A visitor that has been hanging around the patio lately.


  1. Que lindas se ven tus flores -bueno, como otros años y el cerco mejorado ayuda

  2. For what it's worth, day-lilies are edible, and I've read that hostas are.

  3. Hi Gorges, I do have both of them in my garden, but not nearly enough to keep me going for any significant length of time. I suppose I am not nearly desperate enough to try them just yet, though it is good to keep in your book of tricks for when the SHTF. If it really gets that bad, do have a stash of 22LR saved up and squirrels are plentiful around here, not to mention all the night critters that I have been fattening up. Possum pie? Brunswick stew?

  4. These would walk the best garden class in our show!

  5. John: That is thrilling to hear considering I do little for them other than give them the occasional splash of water and what I can to keep the Lilly beetles from devouring them.

  6. Hey those flowers look great. My veg may be ahead of yours but my flowers are way behind!

    1. Funny thing is I do little for the flowers and they turn out great, I fuss a lot over the veggies and get diddly for results.