Monday, July 14, 2014

Spurwink Farm Fly-in breakfast

A Sunday morning breakfast gathering for airplanes, pilots and other lost souls against a horsy and Oreo cow backdrop.
Lines for pancakes and sausages were long and steady.
Quite a few folks were there by 8:30 am
Bruce's Taylorcraft has been halfway around the world and back again on its own power as well as on top of a VW bus. She did cough once on take off though. Seems to me she did last year as well.
A 1940s vintage Globe Swift with 210 hp
A rakish looking Glass-Star
Take-off puts planes over Higgins Beach
The general scene looking the other way
A 160K $ Carbon Cub
An older RV-4 home built
Aviat Husky
And a Super Cub with big wheels
A Home-built Pits single seater
And  yellow RV-4 makes his departure....(see the Oreo cows, its where Oreo cookies come from)
Followed by the blue and white one
And the burgundy one right after
And the Globe Swift...
A T-craft based at Spurwink farm
And another Super Cub with big floaty Tundra tires
Portland Med-evac helicopter made an appearance
A 1950s vintage Aeronca sedan four seater
An older Maule
And a 1950s vintage straight tail Cessna 172
Another T-Craft
A four place Bearhawk home built
A yellow Aviat Husky
Aeronca Chief... I think?
Marty's home built Kit-Fox
After breakfast the Glass Star makes his departure
As does the Carbon Cub
Marty gooses all the 65 horses out of his 2 stroke
and in less than a hundred feet
he's airborne
Up an away for the long slow slog back to Ossipee New Hampshire.

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