Friday, August 29, 2014

Garden Update

Despite assorted blights and diseases things seem to be surviving.
Yellow bell pepper plant has just produced it first, about an inch across at this point.
Though the red bell pepper seems a bit stunted and just yesterday was all droopy for some odd reason. It did get plenty of water.
 While the yellow pepper seems quite happy
The volunteer tomato that sprouted out by my burn pile seems happy as well
And even has sprouted a tomato. We shall discover what variety it is
The Sun Gold still smelly as a pot plant has produced some decent results
And the Patio Tomato has two big juicy hybrids going
The early Girl though looking rather stressed sees to be producing some results as well
Our pickings from that one so far.
Pears seem to be doing well
Best crop so far
Not always the prettiest
All on one of the two trees. The other one has one single pear.
Squash, both Acorn and Yellow (Courgete) is another story
Though it sees to be growing by leaps and bounds
And is producing some fruit
These are about three inches across
One already harvested and consumed
Now seems to be showing signs of a bad case of powdery mildew. So this morning I sprayed it with a sulfur powder solution to see it that helps.
Tomatoes got put to good use. Starting with some beer dough and a coating of my cilantro sauce
Some left over chicken and some mozzarella.. 10 minutes at 500 degrees F, makes for an easy supper


  1. Muy lindo jardín . o más bien huerta. Frutos variados y de muy lindo especto, seguramente graciasa tus cuidados. Lástima que no pueda compartir el final...

    1. El problema aquí es que hay muchas enfermedades e insectos, En el verano tenemos alta humedad y calor que es un receta fatal para plantas porque promueve toda clase de bacterias y mohos que destruyen las verduras. Esta por ver si todo el esfuerzo da fruto. Por un rato pensé que las matas de tomates ya estaban por estirara la pata.

  2. That reminds me
    I bought pizzas to eat when chris is in canada..... Not a patch on yours though

    1. ahh John, nothing like building your own... mine usually is store bought dough, with whatever left overs I can scrounge. What is different about this one is I had no pesto as I did here.
      So I used some of my cilantro dressing instead.

  3. You're doing a lot better than us. All we got was some accidental chard!

    1. What gets me every time Mark, is the darn blights, bugs and diseases. Almost seems not worth the trouble. But inevitably every spring like the fools we are, we go back and try again.

  4. Now that I have nothing to worry about may be it is time to grow some vegetables.

    1. Give it a try Yael. Even if you keep it to just pots you might be more successful than me. As I said before my big problem here is the high moisture promotes all sorts of plant diseases. Lots of effort an the rewards are not always there.