Friday, December 28, 2012

12 more inches of global warming

Screw Al Gore and the horse he rode in on . . . where is that confounded global warming when we need it. Weatherman promised 2 inches of rain instead we got 12 inches of this miserable garbage.
3 hours of labor on Thursday afternoon I manged to get the driveway, deck and patio cleared.
The lower fence I installed this summer between the house and the garage makes snow blowing over it a bit easier.
Clearing a path down the driveway to the garbage cans the darn machine keeps o quitting as a small trickle of snow from the cracked plastic chute lands on the hot exhaust creating clouds of steam and shorts out the ignition. I wound up putting a sheet of aluminum over the engine to shield it from the snow.
Trash cans cemented in by the snow plow
Friday afternoon I managed to waste an other three hours of back breaking labor clearing the roof and the resulting rock hard piles on the back deck.
Multiple repairs to the snow blower were needed and I will have to figure out how to make a new chute for it as the plastic finally gave out where it attaches to the cogged ring.
3 foot snow banks on what was clear grass on Tuesday
To cap the day off I ran out of my usual cheap Name Tag beer so I splurged for the special medicine.


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    1. There was a time when I cold polish off three of those in an evening, now I can barely get though one... good thing cause they sell for 2 $ a can around these parts.