Sunday, December 23, 2012

A lovely evening for a Fly

Never one to pass up an offer for a Sunday flight.
We depart Portland runway 29 around 4 pm

Heading north-east over Cousins Island power plant
We do a touch and go in Brunswick landing long to miss a Cessna 172 with a flat on the displaced thresh hold.
And fly over the Androscoggin river where it empties out on to Merrymeeting bay.
then we buzz Bowdoinham
and as we cross the Little River headed for Wiscasset you can see the December ice growing on the mudflats.
And the sun sets over our right wing
After we refuel at Wiscasset we head back south west towards Casco bay and Portland.
For practice we shoot a couple of instrument approaches to runway 29 with the sky turning dark the camera slows to get enough light for an exposure and produces a rather neat shot looking out the copilot window at the West End in Portland.
short final runway 29 as we hit ILS minimums of 274 ft

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