Sunday, December 30, 2012

8 more inches of Al Gore's BS

Snowed all afternoon yesterday and most of the night . . . the view out the kitchen window this morning . . .
and out the driveway you know the pile left by the snow plow is rock hard and will take a solid 30 minutes to chew through it
The blower with its plastic chute wired together temporarily and the aluminum sheet to keep the engine from quitting from the steam coming off the exhaust.
Annie starts raking the lower edge of the roof after clearing the deck once already. After I finish the higher up part we shovel the deck again and move it out of the way with the blower. If we don't clear it well out of the way we won't have a place to put snow further on in the season.
and I get the front side of the house
Managed to get it all done in about 2 and a half hours this time. Yes the front foyer is still unfinished and still wearing its ice and water shield siding . . . a slight upgrade from tar paper. Doing my best to keep the property taxes down as an unfinished house. ;-)


  1. Too much snow for me! Better leave that foyer unfinished as long as you can if it saves you taxes! ;-)

  2. Can't say I miss the big snows. Al Gore is full of crap!