Friday, December 7, 2012

The in-F-ernal combusted engine.....

I managed to remove the exhaust system from the engine,  sheer agony... busted knuckles multiple trips to Sears for appropriate tools and all that good stuff... trying real hard to keep my cool. Laughing so as not to cry.

Its Friday night and the heads are yet to part from the block. To be able to access the cylinder head bolts the cam shaft must be removed, but do that the cam shaft sprocket must come off.  According to the Hanes manual, the bolt that holds the sprocket is supposed to be torqued to 80 ft/lbs. The Youtube videos show that it takes way more than 80 ft/lbs to break it loose. Estimates run about 350 ft/lbs. I attempted to hold the sprocket with a one inch pipe with a T in it and only succeeded in making it look like this. I guess I'll be shopping for a new one of them as well.

its inevitable when you try to polish a turd you wind up with some sh... on your hands

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