Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A minor success....

Went to the junkyard today and though the place was looking a bit empty,  I was fortunate to spot a 4Runner with a 3VZE engine like mine and  scored a pair of camshaft sprockets to replace the one I broke wile disassembling the engine. Amazing how easy they come off with the right tool. The first one came so easy I had to take the other one off just for yucks. Figured I might as well take them both and have a matching pair.

As mine were looking a bit worse for wear I also got some fuel injectors and an brand new set of plug wires while I was at it. Got the whole lot for $20, a whole lot better than $150 for the sprocket and 70$ for the wires from Toyota.. no telling what Toyota gets for the injectors, but I am sure its a pile of money.

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  1. You are a very industrious mechanic. Toyota would be proud of you.I hope they get to see this link.I would say you would qualify for the Toyota hall of fame visitor's book. ES