Sunday, December 15, 2013

16 inches of Global Warming

It has been wretchedly cold here for the last three days.
7 degrees Fahrenheit
That's minus 13 Celsius for you metric folks.
6 pm when we drove home it had not started snowing yet. By midnight we had 6 inches of snow. This is what it looked like out the living room window.
And Looking out the bathroom window to the garden shed. Yes its midnight but due to the snow and the refection of the street lights it looks like dawn.
Sunday dawned just plain miserable. I think the poor dove tells you all you need to know.
Some tried to hide under the bushes
While others sheltered from the wind behind the tool shed
The back patio with 16 inches
The barn
Screw you Al Gore
I swear, the next idiot that tries to tell me about global warming will get chained naked to the maple tree in the front yard till it starts dropping coconuts on his head.
Three hours of back breaking labor got us this far.
I worked the snow blower while Annie cleared up behind me with the shovel
Of course as soon as I put the blower away, got my Carharts and boots off the snowplow dumped another load across the driveway
At least the birds are happy they can finally get some food
And soon discovered the fresh straw I laid out for them.

I'm still with these boys from Minnesota 
 If we had some Global warming!!!


  1. Brrr looks chilly pal, the birds will be grateful ;)

  2. I'm not an Al Gore fan .actually I don't know anything about him. I've seen a bit of scientific data about atmosferic temperature change; 1┬║ C could make a lot of trouble, i.e. about tornados. Keep in mind you are speaking from and about a small town in a small satate up north in the USA; I think you'd rather gather statistical info -for instance see the snow fall about mid-december since, say, 1900. May be you find the graph shows there falls more snow now than in any other year in the last 113 years -or may be it`s the other way round... Must check the statistics.

    1. Actually Dougie, the real statistics, not the BS promoted and repeated ad-nausea by the bobble heads on the alphabet soup news on TV and that charlatan that was Slick Willie's Vice President, Albert Gore, remember the one who claims to have also invented the internet, actually prove that when we look beyond the micro slice that is the last 200 years and we actually look at the last 100 thousand years we are in a global cooling trend. A half a degree of warming in the last 100 yrs which is the best evidence the snake oil salesmen can come up with, is as insignificant as a single breath in your 73 yr lifetime. On this shallow evidence they propose to have you buy and sell carbon credits measured against your"carbon footprint" all traded though a company that dear Albert has set up. If that isn't a Ponzy scheme to relieve you of your money I don't know what is. What's next? tax you on the air you breathe? Human caused Global warming is the single biggest fraud perpetrated on man kind on an international level, and that is only because much to Barry's disappointment Obamacare is only implemented on a national level. But in the case that you still believe the verbal diarrhea the nitwits on TV promote is true you best hope that botoxic president Kristina of yours doesn't get wind of it because she will implement a carbon credit tax based on the fabricated lie that man made global warming is over there, in an erroneous effort to fund her collapsing economy and that way finish strangling what ever hope remains for survival of a working class in Argentina. Alternatively I can chain your naked ass to the maple tree in my front yard say for the next two weeks and see how yo feel about it then.

  3. you can send it all back to me! we were supposed to get 8 inches and we got rain and flurries. i love snow so much! i feel ripped off!

    1. oh you can have all of it you want... wretched stuff. Today I have too rake it all of the roof, including the 6 inch thick ice dams and then try and move the concrete that it becomes as it slams to the ground. Not my idea of fun.

  4. Crickey! We are 42 metric degrees apart!

    1. ahhhh to wear shorts and flip-flops every day!!!! as it is I am wearing three layers of fleece inside the house and I am still cold. Barra de Kawanza is looking better and better every day... do I need to pack a flack jacket and Kevlar helmet if I visit?

    2. No. Not unless you turn up in Luanda wearing a KKK outfit!

    3. Yes I suppose that would not work, the white cone hat would clash with the Kevlar helmet, and then there the small issue, which one would you put on first?

  5. I feel your pain, it's been 17 below here at night and we have over 2' accumulated.