Friday, December 13, 2013

A quick Stir fry

About a pound of chicken breast and one Bell pepper.
Cube the chicken in to bite sized bits and slice up the pepper
Get your ingredients ready cause this show will move fast. Half a cup of raisins, half a cup of peanuts. Dress the chicken with liberal amounts of powdered garlic, one heaping table spoon of sweet smoked paprika, salt, pepper and a god bit of olive oil. Now get your Wok rip roaring hot, I mean smoking hot. And in a separate pan start heating up yesterdays left over rice.
Disconnect smoke alarms . . . . Give the hot Wok a splash of oil and toss in the sliced pepper along with a couple of chopped cloves of garlic. Toss for a couple of minutes till they wilt a bit and get brown edges. And set aside in a bowl
An other splash of oil and toss in the cubed chicken. Spread out so all the bits are in contact with the pan and let it rip untouched for about 2 minutes til the bottom side gets nicely browned with just a hint of crispy edges. Flip them over and start tossing til they are all cooked but still tender. About three or four minutes.
Toss the peppers back in. Add half a cup of raisins, and an equal amount of peanuts, cashews and sunflower seeds will work as well. Toss for a minute or two and add about a dozen splashes of good quality soy sauce. Keep tossing and get it all glazed up.
serve over yesterday's refried rice and enjoy.

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