Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A different take on steak and potatoes

4.50 U$ gets you about a pound and a quarter of Chuck Eye at the store. Just about the cheapest cut you can get. Its a lovely piece of marbled meat from the neck of the cow. Normally I do it on the grill. But being that it is about 5 degrees F bellow freezing right now and spitting sleet it is simply not conducive to cooking outside. One side of the steak freezes while the other burns. Drastic measures are needed.
Dress with your choice of spices, Adobo works for me.
Brown both sides in a heavy cast iron pot.
Remove the meat and deglaze the pot with a chopped up onion
brown up the onions just a bit, and pop the steak back in
one 12 oz beer . . .
 . . . in to the pot so it covers everything.
Cover and let it simmer for an hour and a half to two hours so it looks like this.
After an hour and a half break out your bagged frozen Yuca or peel one if you get it fresh.
And set a few chunks to boil in water for about 15 minutes til tender
one tub of sliced Portobelo mushrooms
Remove the steaks, and add the mushrooms and a handful of fresh chopped dill. Salt, Pepper and garlic to taste. And turn over for about 2 or 3 minutes on medium flame.
Serve and enjoy


  1. Mmmm... se me hace agua la boca...

    1. No hay porque sufrir, compra los ingredientes y muestrale a Alejandra esta pagina. You too can enjoy my cooking that way.

  2. These 'poor Man's' cuts are often the very best, the tastiest. How many times have you chewed your way through a lean rumpsteak in a restaurant wondering what kind of fibreboard it was made of? I do like my flash grilled steak with chips but there is nothing to compare with a good slow pot roast of a good piece of meat with a bit of fat in it.

    Chilli con Carne for me tonight.

  3. In addition to being the cheapest cut you can get this Chuck Eye grills up real nice. And is as soft as any Filet Mignon you could buy. Three minutes a side on hot coals and you're good. All the marbling in it gives it a lot of flavor. I really don't get it why folks pay twice as much for cuts that are not nearly as tasty and tender.