Saturday, December 14, 2013

A bit of Saturday afternoon instrument work

Last Saturday was sunny, cold and windy, perfect conditions to practice some approaches with the new software on the Garmins in the Bonanza.
After a few minutes of fiddling we seem to be able to find our way through the new menu in the radios. In addition to a few other changes the transponder now can also be controlled via the big touch screen on the center stack.
We get clearance from the tower for take-off and give it full power
90 Kts, 100 ft and positive rate of climb and up with the wheels
As we leave the commercial terminal behind and make our way to Rochester-Skyhaven airport in New Hampshire.
Short final in to Skyhaven where we top off the fuel tanks
We make it a quick turnaround given the 30 deg F temps and the 20 kts of wind
fiddle with the radios a bit and set up the approach in to Sanford
Ready . . . . set . . . . Go
And we make the entry in to the holding pattern for Rwy 7 at KSFM
Once around the racetrack as we see the setting sun
Here is what it looks like as we cross the marker beacon on the ILS rwy for 7 for KSFM. Landing gear down and flaps at one notch. The moving magenta icon of the little aircraft on the electronic approach plate helps give us a sense of orientation never possible with the old raw data steam gauges.
And this is what it looks like out the window
At minimums we execute the missed approach, procedure, retract the wheels and make contact with KPWM
And set up to shoot the RNAV/GPS approach to 36 at KPWM
Looking over our shoulder as we cross over the coast
Tuck out over the water
And pass Richmond Island and Kettle Cove my kayaking playground as we line up on the inbound course to Rwy 36.
As the plane has not flown in a couple of weeks while it was in the shop for the radio software upgrade we turn on the TKS anti-ice just to lubricate the weeping wing and the camera now wants to focus on the wet windshield from the prop slinger. Can you see the runway VASI lights? it's the tan patch with the single light in the middle of the photo.
 Final for 36 over Cash Corner and the rail yard.
A bit bumpy on short final makes for candy canes on the camera
and touchdown . . .  another perfect crime!!!!

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