Sunday, May 7, 2017

Building a couple more walls

Saturday we went for a night out on the town with our friends Peter and Laura .
Three beers and a mess of BBQ ribs and Chicken , including all the trimmings at Salvage Barbecue , and then later a chocolate tart and a glass of 10 year old Port had me stuffed to the gills . So Sunday morning I was dragging and we got a bit of a late start . The weatherman had it all wrong and it turned out to be a nice day , so we loaded up my tools and made the fifty minute run up to Richmond to see what we could get done . After about twenty minutes to set up our gear . . .
 . . . a bit of hustling had the front wall laid out and nailed together
The official photographer was on-site today so we got the action shots of the wall lift .
One twelve foot wall without sheathing goes up a whole lot easier than a sixteen footer with the sheathing on .
Almost there .
Kick it in to place and lined up with the blue chalk line .
Bottom plate nailed in to place , corners plumbed and stitched together , I nail down the top doubler plate .
We have a front wall with a four foot wide doorway .
Ben cuts us some more studs for the back wall . . . .
. . . . and sets them on the deck while I lay out the marks on the top and bottom plate .
I nail off the bottom plate to the studs .
The window header need a bit of persuasion to get it to line up nicely .
And it is up as we kick it in to place to line up with the chalk line . Yes we were short a couple of 2x4s to fit as cripples under the window . We'll fill them in later .
Nailing off the bottom plate on the back wall .
Ben strikes a pose , doubler ready in hand , while I reload the nailgun .
Corners plumbed and stitched together I set the top double plate .
Nail on some T-111 sheathing on the front .
With the middle board tacked temporarily over the doorway for proper spacing , we wrestle the other piece in place .
After sheathing the back wall we tarpped it all over to keep the rain out for the next couple of days .
One big box covered in tarps . Rafters and roof sheathing go on next .


  1. Now a proper roof and you're almost done. Good work, as usual.