Friday, May 19, 2017

Closing in the gable ends

As we had other plans for the weekend we made a run up to Richmond on Wednesday and got a little bit done on Ben's shack . It don't seem like much , and I definitely was not on my best game so there was a bit of three steps forward and two steps back , but we managed to get the gable ends closed in  and had no disasters that could not be corrected with plan B .
Framed out for a window and a vent up high on each of the gable ends . I had a couple of salvaged sky-lights we had originally intended to put on the roof but we got ahead of ourselves in the rush to sheathe the roof last weekend and never framed out for them . So we changed directions and decided to put them in the gable end instead .
Another one we kind of messed up was the collar ties . I should have put them on before we sheathed the roof so we could get them in above the top plate of the wall . So plan B , we cut them to twelve foot exactly and fit them to the wall studs under the top plate as ceiling joists and got a nice loft out of it .
See the gap between the window framing and the vent framing above . The top cross piece on the window framing should have been higher . Yes , The back wall was the first one I framed out and I neglected to add the inch and a half to my glass dimensions up-and-down for the thickness of the window casing I will be adding to the glass . So that was one of the three steps forward and two back . Had to waste some time fixing that .
Once that was fixed and the walls sheathed . . .
We ripped up some #3 1x12 pine and added some trim to the roof rakes .
 The wild ends will get trimmed off after we add the fascia and soffit on the eves . Next time we will set up some staging on the eve ends to do the trim there and start on the roof shingles .


  1. We are making headway. It was a frustrating day with a lot of back and forth.

  2. Looks pretty good to me. I can't see a thing wrong with it. Wish I had a building like that at my place. In '86, when I established myself up here, I thought three good sized buildings would be enough. I should have built covered parking, a good chicken house, a building just for horses and goats, and a good flammable liquid storage building instead of a damned old shack. Watching your progress with this building makes me think of that.

    1. That's the trouble, since I built it I know where I goofed up. But having been in this line of work for about thirty five years I know enough on how fudge things so they don't go completely pear shaped. I am having fun building this one even though my body just don't bounce back from the hard work like it used to. Wish I had a shed like this too. Come to think of it I might just have to "rebuild" my garden tool shed, its getting a bit crowded in there.