Friday, May 5, 2017


As the weatherman was forecasting rain for the weekend , Ben arranged a quick delivery of most of the remaining lumber we needed , and we made some time on Thursday to make some headway on his project .
After humping a big pile of lumber left by the end of the driveway over to the deck , and while we still had a full width deck without walls to get in the way , I laid out the patterns for the roof rafters to the same designated nine-twelve pitch as the house and set them aside under the deck for later .
Meanwhile Ben filled in a narrow strip of decking along the edge not covered by the OSB as the deck boards were not four foot wide and we lost an inch in coverage due to them being tongue-and-grooved . Had I realized the decking boards were less than four feet wide before we started nailing them down I might have cheated them over a half inch at the first row so we could have had an even lack of coverage on either side .
I laid out the top and bottom plates , made corner posts and a header , while Ben cut the wall studs to length . The wall parts cut to size and all laid out ready to be nailed together .
Framing nailed and squared , the first sheet of T-111 goes on .
Sheathing nailed on the wall and ready to be stood up .
Took all that we had to do it , but one skinny guy and a broken old geezer got the wall stood up . No photos of the action as the official photographer was not on site today .
Plumbed ,  nailed down and braced off
Second wall , framed , squared and sheathed , ready to be stood up . Ben getting psyched up for some heavy lifting .
 And as if by magic it is up , plumbed , braced and nailed off .
A view from the back corner .
Five hours later we have our lumber and deck tarped over in preparation for the next few days of rain.


  1. Let's hope the rain doesn't bring wind.

    1. Not too worried... the walls are not going anywhere... they are well nailed off and braced....

  2. Looking good. You guys don't let the grass grow under you, do you? If you had about 20 acres , you could build one hell of a compound because you have the skills. You wouldn't have to "hire it done."

    1. Expecting to get the gable end walls and rafters up this week and have it closed in soon. The property is actually just about twenty acres, so it has the room. Previous to Ben buying it a local fellow wanted to put a "Tiny House" community on it but could not pull it off due to finances and permitting issues. My part in this is helping Ben with this tool shed/barn/workshop. His brother-in-law will be building the actual house at the "family rate".