Sunday, May 14, 2017

Building a Roof

Saturday was a ball buster but we did it .
Set up a couple of temporary posts to support the ridge pole at the right height .
Setting up the ridge pole .
Testing the rafter patterns we made last week for fit .
Had to go up with the ridge pole about a quarter inch but everything seemed to fit otherwise .
Then we crown , mark and cut twenty six rafters . Benjamin finish cuts the bird's mouth notch .
And Ben did a fancy stacking job of the cut rafters inside .
And we start installing rafters .
Set the the birds mouth cut out on the top plate first .
First one gets nailed onto the ridge pole .
After the first four go on the front end I switch to the back end to get the ridge pole where we need it to be .
High wire act .
That nail went in wrong .
Moving along now .
Ben caught on quickly and was starting the toe-nails on the bird's mouth so I had one less thing to mess with up high .
Alternating sides so that things don't go kadywompus on us .
Making quick headway now .
Last one goes on the left side .
Looks like a roof .
All but the end rafter tops were floating on the ridge and yet to be tacked on when I checked the walls for straight and found the left side wall bowed out about a quarter inch . So with a handy rope Ben had in his car I set up a Spanish windlass to bring it in to line with our string . And then set a temporary collar tie to keep it there .
Then I spike the tops in place . Hand nailed them as it was easier than fighting with the heavy nailgun .
By four pm I put the hustle on and we had a mad dash to get the roof sheathed . The entire roof was leaning to the back of the building about an inch and we had to bring it forward . The pole on the front was our plumb check so that we did not wind up with an out of square roof .
My nailgun is a bit worn out and does not always sink the nails so they need a whack occasionally .
Roof Monkey waits for the help to mark up the sheathing with sixteen-on-center stripes and cut us a half sheet .
Roof Monkey still waiting .
Last piece on the left side goes on .
Then we tackle the right side .
Last piece goes on the right side .
Six fifteen pm, tools packed and we have it all tarpped up for Sunday's rain .

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